Your question is, how does fropoo work?

The basic idea is simple and ingenious.

Use fropoo and find 5 people with whom you share fropoo. That is what everyone has to do. It has to be as simple as possible, so that everyone can do it and use it. This way, you get more and more donations in the different stages. You are asking yourself weather fropoo is legal. Yes, it is. It is not a company, and not a snowball system etc. It is a pure human-to-human donation platform.

The fropoo software has no contact with money. Here, you get donations for your projects and dreams.

fropoo only provides the software on the internet in order to control the system, nothing more - no company, no corporation, no business. fropoo does not belong to anyone.

You provide your payment processors (for example AdvCash or PAYEER or Perfect Money) and this way, you can already receive donations on this payment processors.

7 Levels = 1 to 5 = 52

1st Level = 5 Referrals at $20 = $100

2nd Level = 25 Referrals at $40 = $1.000

3rd Level = 125 Referrals at $60 = $7.500

...up until Level 7

There are 7 levels from which you can receive donations. And all these stages are really easy to reach. You reach stage by stage almost automatically - it is really simple. Imagine yourself receiving almost daily donations for your project. How would you feel when you start to notice that it actually works?

And all of this without a bank or an investor. That feels good right?