About Us

Why fropoo - what is the background?

All people live in the same fantastic world. Many people want to have a positive effect or change things positively. Every one of us can have a positive effect every day. no matter whether it's big or small.

fropoo has been designed with people from around the world to bring about a peaceful and creative change. fropoo starts in the first step, with a system that allows almost everybody to receive donations in the easiest way. Because the more good people get more and more money, the better it is for all of us. And it is absolutely legal. In order to change things sustainably, our civilisation model requires money. Therefore, it is important that especially those people whose living conditions do not allow them to earn more money, can receive money. This is however just the beginning of something really big.

fropoo will allow you to change things positively in many other areas. And you have the opportunity to directly contribute and participate with your ideas. The global fropoo community allows us to help where help is needed and where it is sustainable. We cannot reveal everything to you about our intentions right now, but you can definitely look forward to something new, to something that will change a lot of things.

Our international team of developers, puts us in a position to almost push forward anything that makes sense and can be implemented. And you can surely imagine how many ideas creative people have. fropoo wants to promote all that is positive with you, as well as promote you, and promote people worldwide. In every case, we are restricted when we are alone, to make a big difference. But things look quite different with a global community. We create a new humane and creative lifestyle. A lifestyle that strikes people exactly at the place where it is most important - right in the heart.

fropoo strikes your heart first, and then your mind.