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Why fropoo

fropoo starts in the first step, with a system that allows almost everybody to receive donations in the easiest way. Because the more good people get more and more money, the better it is for all of us. And it is absolutely legal.

Who is fropoo suitable for?

For anyone who still has desires and wants to fulfil them. For people who want to live in prosperity. For people who are ready to break new ground. For people who understand this system and have understood that not everything has to be complicated. For clubs, schools, non profit companies etc. For your own projects.

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  • Fantastisches System - Danke dafür...

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    by ...285-Hermann (2Star)

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    by ...730-Beat (1Star)

  • Fropoo ist super, alles läuft

    by ...730-Beat (1Star)

What can fropoo do for you?

Do you have dreams or projects that you would like to implement? Do you find yourself tormented by the same questions every time - how, and from where to get the money? You can reach it with a single donation of $20. And with that, you can help so many people lead a better life. More financial freedom for everyone. It can be this easy...

Why all is in USD?

Because it is so the same for all people worldwide!

What is fropoo

fropoo is a semi-automatic system and not a company or cooperation. The fropoo platform belongs to nobody. It is an opportunity for all people worldwide. The system is available worldwide and absolutely free. Here you have no admin costs, no monthly fee or hidden costs. It is and remains free - enjoy it. fropoo is a human to human donation platform. This system can help you to realize your dreams.

What can you achieve with fropoo?

Stage 1 = 5 Referrals at 20 USD = 100 USD Donation you receive

Stage 2 = 25 Referrals at 40 USD = 1.000 USD Donation you receive

Stage 3 = 125 Referrals at 60 USD = 7.500 USD Donation you receive

Stage 4 = 625 Referrals at 100 USD = 62.500 USD Donation you receive

.... there are 7 levels and 7 stages

Starting at stage 1, fropoo almost automatically takes you up to stage 7-enjoy it...

What fropoo is not!

fropoo is a semi-automatic system and not a company, business or corporation. The fropoo platform does not belong to anyone. It is an opportunity for all people worldwide. fropoo is about filling the individual levels of the people whom you surround yourself with. And that is very simple.

Your question is, is fropoo legal?

Yes that´s it. No pyramid scheme, snowball system etc. a pure human-to-human donation platform. The fropoo software has no contact with money. Here you get donations for your projects and dreams. fropoo provides only the software on the Internet to control the system, nothing more - no company, no cooperation, no business. fropoo belongs to nobody. Donations go directly from referral to referral without third parties.

Have I additional costs?

  • No, here you have no admin costs
  • no monthly fee
  • or hidden costs
  • It is and remains 100% free - enjoy it

How you get which donation?

You move in the stages 1 - 7 from the bottom up. The level below you, will only be filled 5/ 25/ 125... And from these levels you get automatically your donation - every time a ref goes to the next stage on you are. Level 1 pays to stage 1 and level 2 pays to stage 2 and so on...

Now you can take advantage of this great opportunity and also pass on fropoo to people who, just like you, want to change something in your life.

Trust in yourself and you will reach all levels in your life.

Just as it is with fropoo - trust in the system and it brings you gradually upwards.

What should I do now?

Send me your contact details and I will contact you as soon as possible, so that we can go the way together.

If you already have an active AdvCash or PAYEER or Perfect Money account, feel free to register immediately.
Click here...

I look forward to welcoming you to our fropoo community ...

Who am I and how do you reach me?

I am Joerg and a part of the worldwide fropoo community. Get in touch with me and I´ll show you how wonderfully simple everything is here.




I am looking forward to hearing from you - tropastic greetings

Not(hing) everything i s complicated . . .